April 8, 2022
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Box Virtual Data Room

Box Virtual Data Room Review:
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Pricing

Box is a c a cloud storage and collaboration solution trusted by global corporations worldwide. Today companies like AstraZeneca, Morgan Stanley, Intuit, and even the United States Air Force rely on the use of a Box Virtual Data Room (VDR). The reason key global players choose Box is pretty straightforward – the solution offers frictionless security. Apart from it, this product is very easy to use thanks to its workflow automation tools and 1500+ app integrations. 

Who does Box do best?

  • Businesses who want secure data handling. You can find information about intelligent threat detection, strict data privacy, or even complete information governance on the Box website. Those are systems designed especially to make the user experience secure.
  • Easier cooperation. The interface of their file sharing service helps in the way people collaborate. The tools for the disposal of the customers are many, and you easily track the changes that have been made to files on the hosting platform.
  • Workflow integration. With the help of the aforementioned tools, the integration of already established workflow structures is easier than ever. Delegation of tasks, waiting for confirmation, and double-checking of the files can all be accomplished within the platform that Box provides.
  • App integration. To make data handling even easier, there are over 1500 apps that support Box virtual data room. If you want to use Adobe, Google Workspace or even Salesforce with Box, you can do that.


When it comes to the cost of the Box data room, there are two main plans – the individual and the business plan. 

The individual plan

  • Individual account. Free, 10GB of disk space, 250MB file size limit
  • Personal pro account. 10$ per month, when billed annually. 100GB of disk space, 5GB file size limit.

The business plan

  • Starter account. 5$ per user each month, when billed annually. 100GB disk space, a limit to 10 users, external collaborators are required to use paid accounts.
  • Business account. 15$ per user each month, when billed annually. Unlimited disk space, external collaborators are required to use paid accounts. One enterprise app integration.
  • Business plus account. 25$ per user each month, when billed annually. Unlimited disk space, external collaborators do not have to have a paid account. Three enterprise apps integration.
  • Enterprise. 35$ per user each month, when billed annually. Almost no limits. Additional security protocols and tools.

Pros and cons of using Box


  • Makes file management online easy 
  • Documents preview is possible even without actually opening them 
  • Quick access is possible from almost any device


  • no offline mode of operation 
  • unclear folder structure 
  • requires a paid account for outside collaboration in cheaper account plans 

Whether you need a simple file-sharing site or a more complex business-related data hosting, Box VDR can take care of that. It is a service that can strengthen your company’s workflow, and integrate already used apps into the service.