April 8, 2022
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RR Donnelley data room provides a virtual workspace for storing and exchanging confidential company information for interacting with clients or partners from anywhere worldwide. Donnelly satisfies the demand to secure corporate data as a functional VDR by encrypting documents with different watermarks and enhancing the two-step verification process before access.

What does Donnelly do best? 

RR Donnelley VDR provides an optimized working environment for any project that requires a virtual data room. It is also ideal for business management, M&A transactions, deal processes, due diligence, and other similar industry tasks. The data room incorporates artificial intelligence technology to boost faster closings while retaining corporate data security.


RR Donnelley virtual data room enhances price transparency by charging for file-page count. It communicates rates transparently throughout the complete period of use.

Though RR Donnelley did not entirely make their pricing available to the public, the most common price schedule is a flat rate good for a set number of pages. Exceeding your page allocation incurs additional charges, which might lead to multiple transactions. Therefore, Donnelley VDR charges per page.

Pros and Cons 


  • It reduces the risk of file loss
  • It secures data confidentiality
  • It has an optimized workspace
  • It leverages machine technology
  • It controls data sharing
  • It provides instant business-boosting
  • It offers document encryption
  • It allows faster deal closings 
  • It has a good Q&A feature


  • It only displays one page of a document at a time
  • It’s cumbersome to review previously viewed pages in a document file
  • The navigation system needs improving
  • Organizing files can be slow
  • You need to use multiple accounts
  • It does not have a detailed pricing range

Donnelley Venue is an extension of RR Donnelley. The platform offers easy exchange, storing, and security of data, and as the reviews state, customers trust their services.