April 7, 2022
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Known for their advanced virtual data room (VDRPro), Intralinks is a company dedicated to the business customer. It deals with VDRs, helps with M&A mergers, and provides banking-related services to aid clients. 

Intralinks data room assists in closing 8200 M&A deals each year and caters its solutions to over 4.1 million users worldwide. To prove their dedication to the customer, they have a multilingual 24/7 hotline with a 6-second response time. These numbers are nothing but impressive!

What does Intralinks do best?

When dealing with cases of bankruptcy or restructuring, Intralinks data room is a good document handling solution. Questions, comments and file-sharing are made easy with their VDRPro solution that helps with creating a data repository, accessible to people with the necessary credentials. 

Intralinks virtual data room solution might also provide value to board reporting. While the need for quick access to data is important, it is the security that this service offers that is the main selling point. Recalling sensitive data within the software is possible, and last-minute updates can be executed effortlessly.

Intralinks provides a service that can aid companies in each of the steps of an M&A merger. Their DealMarketing is a platform dedicated to preparing everything before a merger takes place, DealVision simplifies the due diligence process, and DealManager supports the interested parties in executing future deals and seeking new possibilities.

Intralinks solution

Without requesting a quote, it is impossible to get clear information about the cost of the Intralinks virtual data room. But thanks to sites like Capterra and Software Testing Help we were able to uncover that the cost of the service is $25 per month contracted annually. 

Pros and cons of using Intralinks 

Is Intralinks the right fit for your virtual data room needs? Here are some pros and cons to consider regarding Intralinks data room offering.


  • Easy to use interface 
  • Extensive security settings 
  • Supports large files


  • No filters on what can be uploaded 
  • People with credentials can open the files anywhere, which could lead to potential data leaks
  • Slow for bulk downloading 

This is merely an overview of Intralinks’ services – be sure to do your own research to see if they would be a good fit for your company’s particular needs. What stood out to us is that they are a company that prides itself on excellent customer support and the ability to cater their virtual data room to many business needs. The interface of Intralinks is very easy to use, the security settings are great, and this VDR product can handle larger files without problems. The only issues with their solution lie in the capability to bulk download or filter what is being uploaded.